Koenchu! The Tale of the Voice Actress
~You, the Sky, and that Summer~

Visual Novel Dating Simulator
Convention Only Sale
Platform: Windows
Ages 13+
-Dual Language: English and Japanese
-Fully Voiced
-Seven Love Interests to Choose From
-Multiple Endings
-Mini Games
-Achievement System


Souta is a voice acting student at a technical school in Japan. He aspires to be a great voice actor one day, but it's turning out to be a lot more complicated than he planned. Girls, festivals, plays - aliens?? Lead Souta to his destiny! Your choices change the story. Seven love interests and multiple endings. Where will you go?

Koenchu! is a dating sim and adventure visual novel. It is a dual language game completely voiced in both Japanese and English with excellent visuals. 20+ hours for one storyline.

Mikoto Himeno


She is Souta's childhood friend and is in the Basic Class with him. She is always cheerful and energetic. She lives with her two younger brothers and wakes up Souta in the mornings.


She is in the Elite Class and a Junior in High School. She works as a seiyuu on a popular anime series while still in school. She is egotistical and does what she wants.

Voiced by Apphia Yu Voiced by Apphia Yu

Rino Wakana


She is in the Basic Class and is a Sophomore in High School. She is easily angered and speaks her mind, causing trouble for Souta. She has a strong will and does not like to depend on others.


She is in the Regular Class. She is Souta's sempai and teaches him many things. She is friendly and outgoing. She attends voice acting school while going to university.

Voiced by Michelle Rojas Voiced by Michelle Rojas
Kanade Kiri


She is a friend of Mikoto and Souta. She is in the Basic Class with them. She is mysterious and not much is known about her.


She is in the Elite Class. She is introverted and usually keeps to herself. She likes to play games in the arcade. She lives with her older brother who is a voice actor.

Voiced by Britt Myer Voiced by Britt Myer
Honoka Shimizu


She is the Elite Class leader. She comes from a high class family. She tends to make enemies rather than friends.


She is the teacher for the Basic Class. She keeps the students on track.

Voiced by Voiced by Apphia Yu

Ritu Omikaze


He is in the Special Class. He is very logical and enjoys mathematics.


He is in the same class as Souta. He is an otaku and is often critical of Souta’s lack of anime knowledge.

Voiced by Jacob SanAntonio Voiced by Daniel Tuttel
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Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7
HDD: 860Mb

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Koenchu! Doujinshi "Mania!"


Ages 13+
-Dual Language: English and Japanese
-Side Stories from the Visual Novel Game
-Features Seven Japanese Doujinshi Artists
-Available at select conventions

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